Jaw Dropping Stone Fireplace Designs

The Beauty of Stone Fireplace Designs

Fireplace features have evolved to include many jaw dropping stone fireplace designs that are the gorgeous focal point to any room. Stone fireplaces are more stylish, trendy, rustic, cozy or classy and elegant. Fireplaces made out of varied stone facades are absolutely stunning with their creative designs, where the stones can be arranged in such a way that they can swirl, twist, and transform any living space.

Whatever your home décor is, nothing adds timeless elegance to its architectural beauty than stone. Stone fireplace options are available in a wide variety of materials, such as limestone, soapstone, slate, marble, and granite. Natural stone is more favorably used in a fireplace setting because they are more durable and heat resistant.

A natural stone fireplace can be designed in many different styles to enhance any room and to compliment a specific design style. The stones used are also available in a varied array of colors, patterns, and materials. They are guaranteed not to crumble, splinter, or fall apart, even when used everyday and the stones can be used to anchor mantel pieces as an added décor idea. A stone fireplace further increase the value of a home, especially with high end finishes.

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The versatility of a stone fireplace is varied, especially when you add surrounding architectural pieces. Here are a few jaw dropping stone fireplace designs that add beauty, romance, balance, and harmony:


  • a stone fireplace with a rustic focus, by placing an elongated mirror above a mantel. The mirror frame should compliment the natural stones used in the fireplace, especially in the hue color, like sage, taupe, or caramel.


  • a stone facade fireplace that covers a whole wall with a sleek stainless steel gas fireplace centered in the middle. This design is the perfect combination of a contemporary and natural style.


  • when a natural stone fireplace is flush with the floor, use a mantel with a similar or complimentary color that surrounds the stone. Place a uniquely designed screen in the front and you have achieved the perfect ambiance.


  • many people enjoy the look of a floor-to-ceiling stone fireplace. Use a mantle-piece with colorful accessories on top for adding a visual and physical warmth to the room.


  • sophisticated moldings are a great look when it surrounds a marble stone fireplace. Hang beautiful pictures or mirrors on the wall above the stone fireplace.


  • mirrored panels that flank a stone fireplace adds depth and dimension to a room.


  • flank a stone fireplace with custom made cabinetry that can hold a big screen TV, books, media equipment, or some unique display accessories.

There is nothing more elegant and fun to decorate a stone fireplace, than different styled mantle-pieces that can be made from different materials and finishes in wood and metal, to compliment the fireplace stones. Depending on your home décor placements, individuals can add mantel shelves or surround mantel designs. Stone design mantel arts styles can add a distinct architectural feature with varying wood types. Mantels should be chosen to fit your living space because a mantel larger or thicker than a fireplace, will make the room look off balanced and smaller.

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Natural stone fireplace styles are available in a dazzling array of architectural styles with aesthetic peaks. There are curved stone facades as a beautiful design element. This curved design gives homes or offices a chic sense of modernism and minimalism. There is the sleek, funicular form that adds shape and an arched stone work canopy. The linear shape of a fireplace is appealing with pieces of stone stacked on top of one another in different horizontal sections. In a natural hue, people will also love the modern, simple design of a square box and rectangular shaped fireplace with an interlocking facade design that enhances a home’s modernistic lines.

Great looking mantels and glowing fireplaces naturally creates a warm and cozy atmosphere, both indoors and outdoors for the family and friends. Natural stone fireplaces accent perfectly any room in the house. They are elegantly featured in the kitchen, dining room, enclosed porch, bedrooms, bathrooms, living room, and family room. Modern fireplaces are easy to install and are portable and contemporary fireplaces are convenient and unique, blending comfort and functionality with the ability to move these features anywhere they are needed.


Aesthetics and warmth—a new outlook to stone mantels

Stone mantels—a symbol of royalty, aesthetics and lifestyle, are widely in use in western countries. While the real purpose is to ensure natural warmth in the house in a snow-bound weather, stone mantels are now perceived also as a testimony of elegance. Hence, choosing beautiful as well as durable material for crafting the stone mantels is a vital factor for home makers. Also, the designs are supposed to match the texture and architecture of the specific room and the house.

Choose your deal with caution

There are a number of factors one needs to consider for crafting the stone mantels. The advantage is the wide variety of options and designs available now.

Consider whether a conventional stone mantel or a marbled one goes well with your location for the stone Mantel. While the quality of both the categories is found to be matching, the marbled ones go better with wooden interiors.

Even as the core portion of the mantel does not require much space, it is important to leave ample space around the wall for proper venting out of the flames.

Many users fall in the trap of leaving a big hole in the mantel for fire lighting presuming that this will enhance the warmth. However, the bigger hole can add to risks of fire oozing out of the mantel into the room. Hence, sticking to the standard size is important. Instead, one can opt for double stone mantels within one room if the room size is too big.

Going in for classic designs or rare stones can be a costly affair. Hence, choosing the best looking stone is better than running after the historical stamp. This is because, in a dark room with fire on, even the most reasonable stones appeal to the eye and serve the same purpose.

The mantels can better be crafted in gardens as well. So, those having a big lawn or garden in the house must chose to have at least one mantel in the garden too. This allows sitting out in open even during peak winters and enjoy a drink with friends and family.

Preferring an upper floor for setting up stone mantel is another considerable idea due to better breathing space available on upper floors. Also, the base of any house is relatively warmer since it is well covered from all ends. The upper floors, however, remain colder and the stone mantel serves the real purpose of warming up the area.

Choosing lighter stones is more recommendable for longer sustenance. Also, it is important not to choose the packed stones. Their wear and tear has to be tested at the time of installation and hence opening and checking roughness of each of the stone pieces is a must.

For smaller room, bigger stones should not be chosen. Rather an amalgamation of smaller stones for stone mantel appeals more to the eye.

Wooden shades are evergreen for stone mantels

Considering that the colour and shade of the fireplace remains the same, it is important to note that a stone mantel that has dusty, wooden shade is an evergreen option to choose. This variety comes without the risk of designs going obsolete and goes well will almost all coloured textures of the homes. Even if you plan to change the theme of your room, the wooden shade will not demand any changes and adapt to the new theme automatically.

Stone Mantel Designers

Types of Stones

Finding the right stone for you to work on can be quite the task. Before you start looking for stones for building your mantels, you must familiarize yourself with the different types of stones available in the market that can be used to build mantels. There are different stones and each have distinct properties. Here are some of the options that you can start with, going from the softest to the hardest;

l Soapstone: This stone is very soft and is available in many different colors and textures. It can be polished to a smooth finish. Scratches can be easily textured.

l Alabaster: A very good starting stone as it is easy to carve and is very elegant. This stone has vibrant colors and internal grains that add to its beauty. Although it can break and bruise very easily, it is worth the trouble.

l Limestone: This stone is best for showing details carved into it. It does not polish well.

l Marble: This is one of the most famous stones, pretty much everyone knows about marble. It is very beautiful and can be smoothly polished when finished. Marble is one of the harder stones out there.

l Granite: This stone is one of the hardest stones out there to work with. You will need to be experienced and require specialized power tools.

Where to find stone for stone mantel designers

There are many other stones depending on where you stay. Stone mantel designers should try to access stones from as many sources as possible.

l Shop Online: If you are not familiar with where to get your stone, depending on where you live, you can probably find some kind of stone online. Limestone, soapstone, and granite are very easy to find with a bit of looking around.

l Stores: Local stores often have various kinds of stones and will be available to you at a reasonable rate. If you don’t have your own vehicle, most stores have the option of getting the stone delivered to your home. Other kinds of stones are available in many stores and can be easily shipped to your home. This usually burns a hole in your pocket, so make sure to check the total cost, and only do it if you can afford it.

l Schools: Check in your local schools and ask for any extra stones lying around. Schools usually keep stones lying around for the students to work on, or to conduct stone carving workshops. They will be more than happy to sell you some if they have some extra stones. This is one of the cheapest options to get stone.

l Workshops: Various stone carving workshops are held in different places such as conventions, schools, etc. The different stalls at these places will have some extra stones kept as backup, in case they run out. They will be happy to sell you the stones to make an extra buck.

l Stone Carving Shops: Where else to buy your stone, but from the stone carving shops? They will have many types of stones and will, with some coercion, sell them to you at a price.

Building Mantels

Once you have found the right stone for your mantel building project, it’s time to start piecing your efforts together. Always have a proper design ready before building, so you know what to expect during the mantel building process.